Our clients are our top priority.

Silverpoint Fine Homes continues to make a name for itself with masterfully built custom homes and renovations.

Working with a select team of talented professionals, Silverpoint leads clients through the entire building process. From the purchase of land and the securing of permits, to the selection of architects, engineers and trades people best suited to the project, we are there with you. No ideas are too big - custom home theatres, fitness rooms, libraries, skylights - we can make it happen.

At Silverpoint Fine Homes, we realize the importance of staying on top of the ever-evolving home building market and the emergence of new home automation features, “green” and geothermal technology. In this way we can offer our clients the latest and leading edge in custom homes.

Silverpoint Fine Homes understands that each client’s needs are unique and important. Our open design process provides flexible and interactive communication throughout every aspect of the planning stage.

Our Custom Home Building Process

  1. Initial Client Meeting It all begins with a concept discussion, narrowing down specific needs and desires from a cost and quality perspective, all the while educating our clients on the home building process each step of the way. Our team at Silverpoint encourages open and honest communication to develop thorough and comprehensive budgets along with strict timelines.
  2. Design Stage After the initial wish list is brainstormed, the design process begins. We work extensively with architects and designers to ensure a perfect job from the start.
  3. Budget, Quote and Timelines Once the plans have been finalized and approved a proper budget and project timeline can be determined.
  4. Contract At this point a detailed contract will be signed by all parties, stating all fine print legalities.
  5. Pre-construction, Permits and Applications At this stage, all preconstruction fences, signage, and applications for permits are acquired.
  6. Construction and warranty and after sales service During this stage, your site supervisor will be on site tending to all your needs. Most importantly, we are committed to trust – accessible at all times with any concerns or questions needing immediate attention. Silverpoint wants to reassure you that you are in good hands.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and inquiries about our custom home building process.